Digital Innovation and Teamwork Combine to Deliver Exciting Solutions for our Business

7 December 2018 | Kingspan Group


This year saw the launch of Kingspan’s first ever Global Digital Challenge announced during Innovation Week* by Louise Foody, Director of Digital and Brand. Its mission was to bring together colleagues from across the world; devising new and innovative digital solutions to enhance customer experience and accelerate business growth now and for the future.

Exceeding all expectations, the challenge resulted in entries from 52 teams across 14 countries and included over 160 participants. The standard of entries was so high, as was the impressive level of progressive ‘digital’ thinking, that 27 teams made it to the final stage.

The challenge involved three strategic phases- Ideation, Business Case and Implementation Plan. This was then concluded with each team submitting and presenting their proposal to our Digital Challenge Panel; where they explained their concepts and ideas and how it would be delivered as a project if it were commissioned.

The ultimate success of the challenge is evidenced by our plans to move forward and implement all 27 of the final projects into the business. These final projects will be given the opportunity to move forward through a combination of financial investment, strategic groupwork and executive sponsorship. The projects spanned a variety of business solutions including advanced customer service channels, digital design tools, and the integration of technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

* During Innovation Week, Kingspan employees heard from industry experts from across the globe about ways innovation in construction and other industries is evolving, while also hearing from peers showcasing some of the innovative projects and developments that are underway within the Kingspan Group.