European Week for Waste Reduction: What role can we play?

5 December 2018 | Kingspan Group


According to the World Bank, global waste is expected to increase by 70% by 2050, by which time we are predicted to be generating 3.40 billion tonnes of waste every year.2 Time is critical and fast running out to address this issue.

At present, 70-80% of global construction industry waste is discarded to landfill. It’s clear there is an urgent need for the construction industry to address its own contribution by significantly reducing waste and finding ways to reuse or recycle as much material as possible.3

Kingspan is dedicated to contributing to the circular economy and helping to provide solutions for waste reduction through waste management in our business, together with re-use and recycling initiatives for our products. A number of the initiatives we already have in place align with the goals of EWWR to ‘reduce waste, reuse products and recycle material’. These sit at the core of our goals as a company.